Glen Sherriff 1971-1996

Glen Sherriff was the number one Steady Earnest fan in the world, and a big supporter of other Boston ska bands. Glen was a true ska fanatic; although he didn't ride a scooter or wear a porkpie hat, he and his roommate Scott showed up more than once at a gig in the middle of nowhere and totally turned the night around, at least for those of us in the band. Fans like that are the people who make it all worth it for us as musicians.

Glen was a dedicated fan and a true friend, immortalized in a sticker -- simply because he seemed to need one -- long before his untimely death in a bicycle accident in July of 1996 (get a helmet, boys and girls!).

As a tribute to Glen, a benefit was held at the Middle East Cafe in Cambridge on September 22, 1996. The bill featured all of Glen's favorite bands: The Loins (formerly Tender), the Allstonians, Bim Skala Bim and Steady Earnest, who reunited for the first time in almost a year to pay tribute to Glen. The show was organized by Grant Thayer, who is preparing to release a live album commemerating the event.

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