The Steady Earnest Glossary of Terms

Betty Ford n. our first van; R.I.P. in New Haven.

[Carling] Black Label n. official soft drink of Steady Earnest.

body bag n. a bag containing your drummer's hardware, usually unbelievably heavy.

[a] buck-two-eighty n. an indeterminate amount of money; can be very small or humongous.

[What's that] clicking sound?? n. frequently asked question; usually referring to the guitar section.

crelvis n. see The Allstonians

crispy adj. the way you feel one week after "scrumpy"; you can't tell whether you hate it or not; also, brilliant insights

crispy meal n. 1. open-faced sandwich white meat turkey on white bread with french fries and lots of gravy; sometimes you get stuffing, usually not; veggies and cranberry sauce optional. 2. beef jerky from a self-serve Mobil station.

Danger Sub n. Local eating establishment. (n.b. "sub" is short for "subsistence").

drunko see the Allstonians

eck v. 1. to defecate. (see Allstonians) also 2. to "bum" something. 3. to fuck with someone's head.

faucher 1. v. to chill one's nuts with an iced beverage. 2. v. to cause others to wait (proper usage "Where is he? We've been fauchered!" "In a white wine sauce?") 3. v. to blow one's trumpet in someone's ear. 4. n. in French, one who always orders a full meal with friends when he knows he doesn't have enough to pay his share. 5. n. one who is the constant whipping boy of all around him.

Jack Attack n, v, adj. When our bass player becomes a ball-hog. Usually brief; usually a good thing.

pseudo-Jerry licks n. Art's persistent guitar noodling between songs.

scrumpy adj. when you've been touring/camping/whatever for two weeks, you're dirty and tired, and you like it; after about a week more of this, you start to become crispy.

Shakes n. our second van; bought at Betty's funeral. Later donated to the Kidney Foundation.

Tyler's roach n. anything previously smoked; becomes his as soon as it touches a horizontal surface. This is on the Steady Earnest list because we practice on Tuesday and the Allstonians practice on Wednesday.

vitale v. to smoke while talking on the phone.

Jack's Facts
three weeks the approximate amount of time it took a milk crate full of Playboy magazines to disappear from the SE/Allstonians rehearsal space.
nine months the approximate amount of time Dan's suitcases, laundry bags and old tires remained untouched in the rehearsal space.
ten the number of times SE has played the Ocean Mist, Matunuck, R.I.
one the number of times SE has, and ever will, play Rick's on a Monday night in Kalamazoo, MI

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